We manufacture continuous cast billets at our state of art technology provided by PRIMETAL. Facilities have been designed in a unique integrated manner, in which the hot metal from our Quantum Electric Arc Furnace (QEAF) is refined in ladle refining furnace (LRF) and then casted in continuous casting machine (CCM). Our CCM is high speed caster capable to cast 6 meter per minutes. The CCM is equipped with M-EMS, closed casting technique having 3 strands. The billets are cut in to sizes using diagonally shear cut and loaded in the tilt-over-cooling-bed (TOCB) to ensure natural and homogenize cooling. We stack the billets from the cradle of TOCB in the billet storage yard using magnetic EOT cranes according to the grades and sizes. The heat number and grade color are strictly maintained for identification and traceability in each and every billets.

Available Sizes

  • 160X160 mm2 size, length 12000 mm

  • 160X160 mm2 size, length 6000 mm

  • 130X130 mm2 size, length 12000 mm

  • 130X130 mm2 size, length 6000 mm

Available Grades

Billets produced here are 3sp, 4sp, 5sp as well as SAE 1015, 1020, 1025 and 1030 grades. For re-rolling mills to produce rebar, we provide billets for B500CWR, B420DWR and B500DWR chemical composition as per ISO 6935-2: 2016. We also produce billet for structural steel like MS Angel, MS Channel and MS Square bar complying ISO 630 standard. Likewise, we can produce billets on demand as per customer requirement based on national & international standard.

Physical Properties of Billets

Dimensions and physical propertiesSize toleranceLength toleranceBend per meterRhomboidityCorner radiusAngular TwistSurface qualityInternal quality
Maximum Value*±2%±100 mm4 mm±2%4 mm1° per meterFree from scabs, cracks and overlapsFree from blow holes, pin holes, shrink holes and harmful internal cracks