GPH Ispat, one of the most advanced steel manufacturers and as a leader to lead by examples, has invested in technologies and practices to sustain the wellbeing of employees as well as protect the environment with minimum impact from its industrial opera

For the wellbeing of employees, assets and establishment, GPH Ispat’s management takes a firm stance on a safe & healthy workplace. A dedicated Health & Safety team has been deployed in the organization to oversee the overall implementation of the safety policies, with regular reviews in place. The guiding tenet is to protect employees at all cost. In addition, GPH Ispat adheres strictly to the Labor Law, ensuring benefits as laid down by the law of the land, where employees are provided with long term benefits such as provident fund, gratuity and group insurance. To stay up-to-date, GPH Ispat has a cyclical routine of training that is mandatory for all employees.

Furthermore, GPH Ispat has installed technologies designed to protect the environment through innovative solutions. At every factory of GPH, water preservation is achieved through the merging of technology and innovation; a combination of a Water Treatment Plant and rainwater harvesting with water stored in an artificial lake allows a manufacturing process with 100% recycling of used water, thus ensuring that not a single drop of water is drawn from the groundwater table, and a smart water solution that ensures no contamination exits the factory, thereby protecting all water outside the factory. Every factory of GPH Ispat is also equipped with a dedicated dedusting system that ensures that the dust particles in the fumes & carbon emission remain 90% below than the maximum values set by the World Bank.

In addition, GPH Ispat has the largest oxygen plant in Bangladesh, which distributes the liquid oxygen to hospitals in bulk. Thousands of free oxygen cylinders have been given to hospitals across the country to save human lives during the ongoing pandemic.

The combination of innovation and state-of-the-art technology ensures that the power consumption is reduced by 2,26,800 MW electricity per year, natural gas consumption is reduced by 26.46 million m3 each year, which meets the demands of 35,000 households per year. GPH also takes care of its society and is committed to the society by making green production facilities in its production process.