Based on an optimized preheating and melting concept, Quantum Electric Arc Furnace is recognized as the furnace technology of future all over the world. The World’s best 100% pure GPH Quantum Steel is made in the state-of-the-art Quantum Electric Arc Furnace. GPH has brought Quantum technology to Asia for the first time, which is also the only one of this class in South Asia.


Scrap Charging & Preheating




YS ≥ 600 Mpa or 87000 PSI
Ductility Class D: TS/YS = 1.25


YS ≥ 600 MPa or 87000 PSI
Ductility Class C: TS/YS = 1.15


YS ≥ 500 MPa or 72,500 PSI
Ductility Class D: TS / YS = 1.25

Why is GPH Quantum Technology the best in Bangladesh?

Completely Pure Steel

GPH QUANTUM Re-bar is completely inclusion free because it contains

Homogenised Chemical Mixture

The chemical composition of GPH QUANTUM Re-bar is homogenized because

Steel with High Ductility and Firm Bonding Strength

Billets made in CCM are directly rolled in the most advanced and latest high-speed rolling mill with Winlink technology.

Uniform Strength and Corrosion Resistant

Fully automated computerized Quenching Method ensures a uniform martensite ring in the Re-bar;

Shiny Surface

The use of more tungsten carbide rolls in the rolling process makes the surface of the GPH QUANTUM Re-bar shinier.

Quality Consistency

We utilize multiple types of testing machines to ensure consistent quality.

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