Based on an optimized preheating and melting concept, Quantum Electric Arc Furnace is recognized as the furnace technology of future all over the world. The World’s best 100% pure GPH Quantum Steel is made in the state-of-the-art Quantum Electric Arc Furnace. GPH has brought Quantum technology to Asia for the first time, which is also the only one of this class in South Asia.


Scrap Charging & Preheating




YS ≥ 600 Mpa or 87000 PSI
Ductility Class D: TS/YS = 1.25


YS ≥ 600 MPa or 87000 PSI
Ductility Class C: TS/YS = 1.15


YS ≥ 500 MPa or 72,500 PSI
Ductility Class D: TS / YS = 1.25

Why is GPH Quantum Technology the best in Bangladesh?

Completely Pure Steel

GPH QUANTUM Re-bar is completely inclusion free because it contains

Homogenised Chemical Mixture

The chemical composition of GPH QUANTUM Re-bar is homogenized because

Steel with High Ductility and Firm Bonding Strength

Billets made in CCM are directly rolled in the most advanced and latest high-speed rolling mill with Winlink technology.

Uniform Strength and Corrosion Resistant

Fully automated computerized Quenching Method ensures a uniform martensite ring in the Re-bar;

Shiny Surface

The use of more tungsten carbide rolls in the rolling process makes the surface of the GPH QUANTUM Re-bar shinier.

Quality Consistency

We utilize multiple types of testing machines to ensure consistent quality.


Bangladesh is a highly vulnerable country with respect to climate change and climate-related disasters.


GPH Ispat aims to do its part in making the planet greener and more livable for generations to come by optimizing energy consumption and increasing the use of renewable energy.


A milestone for Bangladesh that GPH Ispat has started exporting MS Billet to the world’s second largest economy country the People's Republic of China.


The journey between an organization's inception to reaching out to the pinnacle of success largely depends on its employees.

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