A milestone for Bangladesh: GPH Ispat has started exporting MS Billet to the world’s second largest economy country the People’s Republic of China.

GPH Ispat actively connects its sustainability goals and targets with its upstream and downstream entities as well as its sustainability partners. The main reason is the genuine viewpoint of sustainability is based on stakeholders’ perceptions of our influence on the economy, environment, and society.

Stakeholders are our eyes and ears, allowing us to assess our own performance in meeting the triple bottom line standards. Every year, we examine all of the data gathered through stakeholder interaction. Our focus is re-adjusted in response to stakeholder input, including their requirements and expectations, as well as their assessment of our sustainability performance.

We achieved the highest sales in history. We invested in various parts of the business to ensure the health and safety guidelines issued by the government and international standards. However, through increased focus on operational efficiency and stringent cost control measures, we achieved a notable improvement.

GPH Ispat is driving the EAF Quantum Technology in Bangladesh. An advancement on technology and sustainable economy.